Smile Design

Personalized Smile Design

Aesthetic concerns in smiling not only affect social life negatively, but also cause loss of self-confidence. For this reason, one of the biggest aesthetic concerns is the healthy and harmonious appearance of the teeth and surrounding tissues. As every smile is personal, the design of the smile can be made easier and better with today’s technologies from this point of view.

What is Face and Smile Design?

Face and smile design; It is the planning of factors such as face proportions and face shapes, the position and volume of the jawbones, the arrangement of the teeth and tooth shapes, the position and volume of the gums, the position of the lips, and the ideal proportions by determining the ideal proportions. With the development of technology, the three-dimensional examination of x-rays, the development of digital intraoral scanners and the ability to observe the design results before the procedure, thanks to special programming, made it possible to make face and smile design in a healthier and more predictable way. With the digital recordings taken during actions such as speaking and laughing, a smile design plan is created considering the aesthetic expectations of the person. Thanks to detailed planning, restorations with high tissue compatibility can be made.

What are the Contributions of Face and Smile Design?

By making the recordings with digital scanners, the treatment results can be observed before the procedures begin. During these recordings, deformations caused by materials such as impression materials are prevented, and thanks to three-dimensional imaging, restorations with higher tissue compatibility and precision can be planned. The treatments can be followed in the computer environment and transferred to the technicians, shortening the process process, and recording and re-evaluating when desired. Along with face and smile designs; each individual can get an ideal result by protecting their own natural textures from their unique aesthetic concerns and thus can safely participate in social life.

What are the Expectations and Practices in Face and Smile Design?

First of all, the aesthetic concerns of the person are evaluated together with the current situation. In cases where the jaw relations are broken, the upper or lower jaw is positioned skeletally more anteriorly, or the length of the jaws is excessive or less, or there are aesthetic concerns in the appearance of the teeth with the presence of facial asymmetry, first of all, ideal facial proportions are determined and a treatment plan is created with hard tissues.

In addition, in cases where the size or color match of the teeth does not meet the aesthetic expectations, restorative procedures such as dental laminates and bleaching can be planned, taking into account the age and gender of the person, as well as the face shape. Gingival arrangements called pink aesthetics, such as asymmetry in the appearance of the gums, or excessive appearance complaints, can also be designed individually.