Aesthetic Dental Treatments
Smile design is a combination of different dental procedures applied within the scope of aesthetic dental treatments to give patients a more natural and beautiful smile.

The smile design of each patient is individualized according to the needs of the patients in harmony with the face shape, lip and skin color. The aesthetic appearance of the teeth is aimed with the applications to be made with “White Aesthetics”. With Pink Aesthetics, it is aimed to give an aesthetic appearance to the gums.

How is Smile Design Shaped?

Before starting the treatment, we take impressions of the teeth rather than digitally preparing an individualized smile design by taking photos of the faces and teeth of the patients from various angles.

We can apply this smile design to the teeth of patients with temporary filling materials.

So with this trial smile, patients can see the finished restorations before starting treatment. Patients can discuss the expectations and treatment plans of their concerns with their dentist. These procedures are called imitation techniques.

After performing the original restorations at the same time with e-max veneers, e-max crowns, zirconia crowns or composite veneers, we must achieve pink aesthetics.

Along with the white aesthetic, the gingival levels should be brought to the appropriate position, so if the patients are not satisfied with the color of the teeth, teeth whitening will be sufficient for the smile design.

How Long Does the Smile Design Procedure Take?

If patients need pink aesthetics, gingival leveling or crown lengthening, it can take three weeks, smile make-up is completed within a week.

What Problems Does Smile Design Solve?

  • Old restorations from filings and crowns
  • Spaces between teeth
  • gummy smile
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Chipped, broken, misaligned teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Face shape deformities
  • Tooth size discrepancies